Communication on ‘Shaping Europe’s digital future’

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Publication Date 19/02/2020
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Communication published by the European Commission on 19 February 2020, setting out the vision for creating a framework relating to the development and operation of digital technologies.

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This Communication sets three key objectives to frame the development and operation of digital technologies in a way that benefits citizens:

  • Technology that works for people;
  • A fair and competitive economy;
  • An open, democratic and sustainable society.

This vision aims at prioritising the development, deployment and uptake of technology that makes a real difference to people's daily lives, in an economy that masters and shapes technology in a way that respects European values. It also argues for a frictionless single market, where companies of all sizes and in any sector can compete on equal terms. Finally, it also stands for a trustworth environment in which citizens are empowered in how they act and interact, and of the data they provide both online and offline. The strategy aims at digital transformation which enhances democratic values, respects fundamental rights, and contributes to a sustainable, climate-neutral and resource-efficient economy.

The Communication was published by the European Commission on 19 February 2020 as part of a package which also includes a White Paper on Artificial Intelligence and a European Data Strategy.

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