Communication on Skills and Talent Mobility

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Publication Date 15/11/2023
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Communication adopted by the European Commission on 15 November 2023, providing an overview of a set of actions seeking to make the European Union (EU) more attractive to talent from outside the EU, and to facilitate mobility within the EU.

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Labour shortages in the EU affect a variety of occupations and sectors across all skills levels, many of which are deemed essential as the EU adapts to a changing world. TheĀ European Year of SkillsĀ underlines the importance of a strategic approach to solving labour and skills shortages. At the core of the EU's labour market policy are measures to reskill and upskill the domestic workforce, activate groups with lower labour market participation with targeted support to regions facing depopulation and skills shortages, and for intra-EU mobility.

This Communication and the accompanying Skills and Talent Mobility legislative package present a set of mutually reinforcing actions aimed at making the EU more attractive to talent covering the full range of occupations where skills might be needed by employers as well as boost intra-EU mobility. It addresses barriers to international recruitment and helps ensure that third country nationals can make full use of their skills and qualifications. It builds on work undertaken in the context of the New Pact on Migration and Asylum and a previous Skills and Talent package. On this occasion, the legislative package includes:

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