Communication on the EU relations with Andorra, Monaco San Marino: Options for closer integration with the EU

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Series Details (2012) 680 final (20.11.12)
Publication Date 20/11/2012
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In light of the continued interest expressed by the small-sized countries in closer integration with the European Union, this Communication reviews the EU’s relations with Andorra, Monaco and San Marino and makes some recommendations on how such integration could be achieved. With this Communication, the Commission sought views on these recommendations, on the basis of which it would decide on the next steps in this process.

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Western Europe comprises a number of independent States of small territorial extension which are not members of the European Union. The EU maintains relations with all of them as required by Article 8 TEU. Relations differ in terms of extent and institutional framework of relations. All three small-sized countries have expressed the wish to enhance their relations with the EU, notwithstanding some differences of emphasis in terms of extent and scope. All three countries wish to safeguard their specificities and identities in their relations with the EU.

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