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Communication published by the European Commission on 3 December 2020, setting out an Action Plan aimed at empowering citizens and building more resilient democracies across the European Union (EU).

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This European Democracy Action Plan (EDAP) is aimed at EU institutions, national governments and parliaments, as well as other national authorities, political parties, media and civil society, and online platforms. It sets out a reinforced EU policy framework and specific measures to:

  • Promote free and fair elections and strong democratic participation;
  • Support free and independent media;
  • Counter disinformation.

The Commission's strategy includes plans to propose legal action on political advertising, recommend measures to tackle safety of journalists and present an initiative to protect them from strategic lawsuits against public participation (SLAPPs). The Commission is also to steer efforts to overhaul the existing Code of Practice of Disinformation. The plan includes throughout an emphasis on empowering citizens and civil society to counter the threats.

This Action Plan is was first announced in the Political Guidelines put forward by the President of the European Commission and featured in the Commission's 2020 Work Programme.

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