Competition Policy Newsletter | Number 2 (2007)

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Series Details Number 2
Publication Date 2007
ISSN 1025-2266
EC KD-AB-07-002-3A-C
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  • Community rules on State aid - a practical handbook, by Eliška KUTENIČOVÁ
  • Co-operation between competition agencies worldwide in cartel investigations: by Stephen RYAN
  • Revision of the Notice on merger remedies by Johannes LUEBKING

Opinions and comments 

  • A closer look at vertical mergers by Pierre LAHBABI and Sophie MOONEN
  • Modelling competitive electricity markets: are consumers paying for a lack of competition? by Philippe CHAUVE and Martin GODFRIED

International cooperation 

  • New EU-US cooperation agreement in air transport by Michael GREMMINGER


  • Broadband competition in Malta: are two access providers enough? by Olivier BRINGER and Stefan KRAMER


  • Cartel fined in the elevators and escalators sector by Andrés FONT GALARZA, Gyula CSEREY, René PLANK, Eline Vanessa POST
  • Cartel fined in the gas insulated switchgear sector by Marisa TIERNO CENTELLA, Maurits PINO and Jindrich KLOUB

Merger control 

  • Merger control: Main developments between 1 January and 30 April 2007 by Mary LOUGHRAN and John GATTI 51 Schneider/APC: a textbook first-phase case with creation of dominant position and structural remedies by Antoni VASSILEFF

State aid

  • “Groupements d’intérêt économique fiscaux”: le régime fiscal français de financement de certains biens d’équipement constitue une aide d’État par Barbara JANKOVEC
  • Premier cas d’application du nouvel encadrement communautaire des aides d’Etat à la recherche, au développement et à l’innovation: l’aide de l’Agence française de l’innovation industrielle au programme NeoVal par Isabelle NEALE-BESSON and Jean-Charles DJELALIAN
  • Du nouveau dans le dossier des centres de coordination belges par Jean-Marc HUEZ
  • Increased transparency and efficiency in public service broadcasting: Recent cases in Spain and Germany by Pedro DIAS and Alexandra ANTONIADIS
  • Commission approves aid to an innovative regional equity platform for SMEs in the UK’s West Midlands to overcome market failure in risk capital by Radoš HORÁČEK and Zsuzsanna LANTOS

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