Competition Policy Newsletter | Number 2 (2010)

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Series Details Number 2
Publication Date 2010
ISSN 1025-2266
EC KD-AB-10-002-EN-C
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  • Swedish Interconnector case /Improving electricity cross-border trade by Philippe Chauve, Elzbieta Glowicka, Martin Godfried, Edouard Leduc and Stefan Siebert
  • The New Block Exemption Regulation for the Insurance Sector by Eithne McCarthy and Laura Stefanescu
  • The EDF long term contracts case: addressing foreclosure for the long term benefit of industrial customers by Nicolas Bessot, Maciej Ciszewski, Augustijn van Haasteren
  • Vertical Agreements: New Competition Rules for the Next Decade by Magdalena Brenning-Louko, Andrei Gurin, Luc Peeperkorn and Katja Viertiö


  • Oracle/Sun Microsystems: The challenge of reviewing a merger involving open source software by Carl-Christian Buhr, Sabine Crome, Adrian Lübbert, Vera Pozzato, Yvonne Simon, Robert Thomas
  • Of spectrum and Radio Access Networks: the T-Mobile/Orange joint venture in the UK by Jocelyn Guitton, Boryana Hristova, Vera Pozzato
  • Merger: main developments between 1 January and 30 April 2010 by John Gatti
  • The Microsoft / Yahoo! Search Business case by Teresa Vecchi, Jerome Vidal and Viveca Fallenius
  • Economic background of the Microsoft/Yahoo! case by Andrea Amelio and Dimitrios Magos

State Aid 

  • State Aid and Public Funding for Universities and other Research Organisations by Bernhard von Wendland
  • The Dexia restructuring decision by Yassine Boudghene, Laurent Le Mouël, Martin Löffler, Sandrine Scheller, Guillaume Schwall
  • State aid: main developments between 1 January and 30 April 2010 by Koen Van de Casteele

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  • Competition cases covered in this issue
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