Competition Policy Newsletter | Number 3 (2009)

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Series Details Number 3
Publication Date 2009
ISSN 1025-2266
EC KD-AB-09-003-3A-C
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  • Restructuring banks in crisis – overview of applicable State aid rules, by Andrea Bomhoff, Anna Jarosz-Friis and Nicola Pesaresi
  • The 2009 broadcasting communication, by Lukas Repa, Nóra Tosics, Pedro Dias and Alberto Bacchiega
  • The new State aid Broadband Guidelines: not all black and white, by Lambros Papadias, Filomena Chirico and Norbert Gaál


  • Final results of the Commission pharmaceutical sector inquiry: competition and regulatory concerns to address, by Fabio Domanico and Elena Kamilarova 3
  • Commission finds abuse of dominance in the Intel case by Brice Allibert, Gabor Bartha, Barbara Bösze, Corneliu Hödlmayr, Damian Kaminski and Marieke Scholz Cartels
  • Commission imposes heavy fine on two mayor European gas companies for operating a market-sharing agreement, by Jasmin Battista, Alexander Gee and Ulrich von Koppenfels


  • Mergers: main developments between 1 May and 31 August 2009, by John Gatti
  • RWE/Essent: On the Borderline, by Miriam Driessen Reilly, Krisztian Kecsmar, Philippe Redondo, Philippe Chauve, Kristóf Kovács and Gregor Langus
  • The Vattenfall / Nuon Energy case — Upholding competition on electricity retail markets in Germany, by Tiziana Lo Nardo, Martin Godfried, Kristóf Kovács
  • Consolidation of the EU airline industry: How the Commission kept seatbelts fastened in the 2009 airline merger wave, by Lucia Bonova, Dagmara Koska and Axel Specker
  • Electrabel/CNR: the importance of the standstill obligation in merger proceedings, by Bruno Alomar, Sophie Moonen, Gorka Navea and Philippe Redondo

State aid 

  • State aid: main developments between 1 May and 31 August 2009, by Runa Monstad and Koen Van de Casteele
  • Restructuring of Gdansk Shipyard – outlook good for return to viability after four-year investigation, by Agata Mazurkiewicz-Gorgol and Andrea Bomhoff

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  • Organigram of the Competition Directorate-General
  • Documents
  • Speeches
  • Press releases and memos
  • Publications
  • Competition cases covered in this issue
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