Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union

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Publication Date June 2015
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Presidents from five different institutions of the European Union - European Commission, European Council, Eurogroup, European Central Bank and European Parliament - released in June 2015 a document which sets out a plan on how to deepen the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) and how to complete it by 2025.

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The Report called 'Completing Europe's Economc and Monetary Union' was built on another report - the so-called the 'Four Presidents' Report' - and on the European Commission's 'Blueprint for a Deep and Genuine EMU'. It sets out three stages to strengthen the Economic and Monetary Union in the following years. In order to prepare the transition from the first to the second stages, the Commission would present a White Paper in 2017 outlining the next steps needed, including legal measures to compete the EMU in Stage 2. It reflects the personal deliberations and discussions of the five Presidents.

The Euro Summit of October 2014 underlined the fact that 'closer coordination of economic policies is essential to ensure the smooth functioning of the Economic and Monetary Union'. It called for work to continue to 'develop concrete mechanisms for stronger economic policy coordination, convergence and solidarity' and 'to prepare next steps on better economic governance in the euro area'.

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