Contemporary Spanish Foreign Policy

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Publication Date 2014
ISBN 978-0-415-71471-6
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This book examines the evolution of Spanish foreign policy since 1975, through five different presidencies, spanning its transformation from a dictatorial political system and backward economy to a modern European state, fully democratic and with a well-functioning market economy, under strain from the Eurozone Sovereign Debt crisis. It explains how domestic developments and external factors have combined to shape Spain’s international relations, assessing the impact of EU membership and providing an example of how middle powers can pursue their foreign policy objectives in the international system. The authors explore a range of topics including:

+ Defence and security
+ Economy and development
+ Soft power
+ Spanish policy towards the EU, the United States, Latin America, the Mediterranean, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

This book will be of interest to students and scholars of Spanish politics and history, European Union studies, foreign policy, international relations and security studies.

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1. Introduction - David Garcia Cantalapiedra & Ramon Pacheco Pardo
2. Democratisation and professionalisation: Security and defence policy in contemporary Spain - Carlos Navajas Zubeldia
3. The internationalisation of the Spanish economy - Neil Hughes
4. Spanish Soft power and its structural (non-traditional) model of diplomacy - Alberto Priego Moreno
5. Spain and the European Union - Alicia Sorroza Blanco
6. Spanish foreign policy, the United States and soft bandwagoning - David Garcia Cantalapiedra
7. Spain-Latin America relations recent history - Anna Ayuso Pozo
8. Spain in the Mediterranean and the Middle East: the quest for security and status - Jordi Vaquer i Fanes
9. Spain and Sub-Saharan Africa: towards a strategic approach - Cristina Barrios Fernandez
10. Spain and Asia: towards a closer relationship - Ramon Pacheco Pardo

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