CORDIScovery Podcast | Number 12 (January 2022)

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#12 Information Technology keeping us safer


This episode takes a look at information and communications technology and discusses three projects that are harnessing the power of easy access and global participation with people’s desire to belong and to help. Finding missing children, filtering fake from reliable news and helping visually impaired people navigate daily challenges, this episode's three guests are working to improve lives through Information Technology:-

  • Christian Erfurt, co-founder and CEO of Be My Eyes. Developed with support from the EU, the BEMYEYES project developed an app that pairs sighted volunteers with visually impaired users to solve real-time problems.
  • Christos Ntanos, research director at the Decision Support Systems Laboratory of the National Technical University of Athens, introduces the ChildRescue project, a collective awareness platform that is being used to find and rescue missing children.
  • Francesco Saverio Nucci, of the project FANDANGO, explains how AI is helping news agencies identify suspicious content to help tackle fake news and mis information.
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