Council Decision (CFSP) 2021/14 amending Decision 2014/219/CFSP on the European Union CSDP Mission in Mali (EUCAP Sahel Mali)

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Decision (CFSP) 2021/14 - adopted by the Council of the European Union on 7 January 2021, introducing amendments to Decision 2014/219/CFSP concerning the EU's CSDP Mission in Mali.

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Decision 2014/219/CFSP allows for the establishment of a civilian mission in Mali (EUCAP Sahel Mali) in support of the Malian internal security forces. The objective of EUCAP Sahel Mali is to allow the Malian authorities to restore and maintain constitutional and democratic order and the conditions for lasting peace in Mali, and to restore and maintain State authority and legitimacy throughout the territory of Mali by means of an effective redeployment of its administration. It was launched on 15 January 2015 following an official invitation by the Malian government.

This Council Decision extends the mandate of EUCAP Sahel Mali until 31 January 2023 and allocates it a budget of over €89 million. The Council also decided to adjust the mission's mandate to enhance its ability to assist and advise the Malian internal security forces by supporting a gradual redeployment of Mali's civilian administrative authorities to the centre of Mali. In addition, the objectives of the Regional Advisory and Coordination Cell were adapted to improve the cooperation and coordination between G5 Sahel structures and G5 Sahel countries, and the regionalisation of CSDP action.

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