Countries rethink commitments to accept refugees

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The 13 November 2015 Paris terror attacks threatened the fragile EU asylum and border policies that had been the subject of many meetings of EU leaders during the summer and autumn of 2015.

In the aftermath of the attacks several politicians in Central European countries such as Poland, Slovak Republic and Hungary, plus Latvia, suggested that there would now be further opposition to implementation of the EU refugee relocation scheme that had been adopted on the 22 September 2015.

In addition, the terror attacks were seen as adding to pressures against the Schengen Agreement of allowing free movement for people within the borders of the countries that were part of the agreement.

Greek authorities said on the 14 November 2015 that at least one of the attackers in Paris may have passed through the Greek island of Leros with a group of 69 refugees in early October 2015 (this claim was subsequently said to be retracted).

In a number of European countries populist leaders such as Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders made calls to reimpose national border controls and to put an end to refugees and migrants from the Middle East and Africa. Leaders in Poland and Hungary also made calls for restrictions and some conservative politicians in Germany.

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said on the 15 November 2015 'We should not mix the different categories of people coming to Europe. The one responsible for the attacks in Paris … he is a criminal and not a refugee and not an asylum seeker'.

President Hollande stressed on the 18 November 2015 that France would fulfil its commitment made in September 2015 to take in 30,000 refugees in the following two years.

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