Crisis in Italian Government (2022)

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Information Guide concerning a political crisis in Italy that resulted in the resignation of Mario Draghi as Prime Minister on 21 July 2022 and later dissolution of the Italian Parliament by the country's President.

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On 14 July 2022, Prime Minister Mario Draghi offered to resign following a split in his national unit government, formed in early 2021, as the Five Star Movement (M5S) boycotted a legislative bill concerning a €26 billion cost of living package. Italian President Sergio Matarella later rejected the resignation and invited the Prime Minister to appear before Parliament to make a statement and assess the situation.

Mr Draghi signalled on 20 July he would be willing to stay on as Prime Minister, but also issued an ultimatum to bring the coalition parties back into line. However, three political forces - besides M5S, also the right-wing Forza Italia and Lega - failed to endorse him in a confidence vote held on the following day. As a result, Mr Draghi handed over his resignation once again which was accepted by Mr Matarella.

The President later dissolved Parliament, and a new parliamentary election was set for late September. In the meantime, Mr Draghi was asked to carry on as caretaker leader.

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Italian Government: News, 21/07/2022: Prime Minister Draghi addresses Parliament

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