Croatian parliamentary election, 5 July 2020

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Reports, analyses and information concerning to the legislative election taking place in Croatia on 5 July 2020.

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The Croatian Parliament (Hrvatski Sabor) - comprising 151 members - is elected through different methods: 141 MPs are elected from geographical electoral districts across the country, 3 MPs are chosen by the Croatian diaspora and 8 MPs are selected from citizens registered as belonging to any of the 22 constitutionally recognised national minorities.

Due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, a debate emerged over Spring 2020 on whether the election should be held early than originally planned following a successful containment of the virus outbreak in the country. Government and main opposition eventually reached an agreement on this matter and the Parliament was dissolved on 18 May.

The ruling centre-right HDZ party and the centre-left Restart Coalition were the front runners in the pre-electoral polls. The incumbent registered a surge leading up to the election, which was seen by some as a result of their perceived success in containing the coronavirus outbreak in Croatia. The HDZ eventually won the election (3,3%) followed by Restart (24,9%).

Media outlets across Europe also reported on the participation of Ursula von der Leyen - President of the European Commission - in a support video to centre-right HDZ just before election day, raising questions on whether such appearances are ever appropriate.

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