Crop monitoring in Europe – July 2019

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The overall yield outlook for cereals at EU level slightly decreased due to the impact of the June heatwave that affected large parts of Europe, resulting in a limited downward revision of forecasts for soft wheat, spring barley, rye, and triticale. Forecasts for grain maize and sunflowers were revised upwards due to the favourable conditions in southern-central and south-eastern Europe continuing.

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Most parts of Europe were affected by an unusually early and intense heatwave during June 2019. As a consequence, grain filling of winter and spring crops was accelerated and affected negatively, especially in Spain, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Czechia, and Slovakia although with the growing season nearing its end, these negative effects remained limited. In Lithuania and Latvia, flower fertility was impacted.

The positive outlook for summer crops in south-eastern Europe contrasted with the unfavourable conditions faced in large parts of Austria, Germany, Czechia, the Benelux countries, and France. Soil moisture levels in these regions were low and the rise in temperature and absence of rain forecast for the forthcoming days was likely to aggravate this situation.

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