CSDP Handbook. Handbook on the Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union. 4th Edition

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Publication Date May 2021
ISBN 978-3-902275-51-6
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The handbook offers insight into the development of the European Union's Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), the key actors and institutions, missions and operations, security challenges and beyond.

Table of Contents:

  • Common Security and Defence Policy
    • History and Development of the CSDP | Gustav Lindstrom
    • The EU Global Strategy
      • Graphic: Peace and Security
      • Factsheet: European Defence Action Plan
    • Analysing the EU Global Strategy on Foreign and Security Policy | Sven Biscop
    • DP – State of Affairs | Jochen Rehrl
  • Roles and Responsibilities
    • The European Council and the Council of the European Union | Luis Amorim & Georg Klein
      • The European Council
      • The Council of the European Union
    • The Role of the European Commission in the CSDP | Diego de Ojeda
    • The Role of the European Parliament in the CSDP | Jérôme Legrand
    • The European External Action Service and the CSDP | Arnold Kammel & Jochen Rehrl
    • EEAS Crisis Response Mechanism | Pedro Serrano
    • The Single Intelligence Analysis Capacity | José Morgado & Radoslaw Jezewski
  • CSDP Missions and Operations
    • How to plan and launch a CSDP Mission or Operation | Fernando Moreno
    • Challenges of Military Operations and Missions | Georgios Tsitsikostas
    • Challenges for Civilian CSDP Missions | Kate Fearon & Sophie Picavet
    • The Civilian CSDP Compact | Crista Huisman & Deirdre Clarke Lyster
    • The European Peace Facility | Sebastian Puig Soler
  • Evolving Security Challenges
    • Migration and CSDP | Jochen Rehrl
      • Factsheet: A European Border and Coast Guard
    • Counter-Terrorism and the CSDP | Birgit Löser
    • Cyber Security/Defence and the CSDP | Jan Peter Giesecke
    • Hybrid Threat and the CSDP | John Maas
  • Cross-Cutting CSDP Issues
    • Gender and Women, Peace and Security in the CSDP | Taina Järvinen
    • Human Rights and the CSDP | Taina Järvinen
    • Rule of Law and the CSDP | Daphne Lodder
    • Strategic Framework to Support SSR | Karin Gatt Rutter & Gianmarco Scuppa
  • CFSP Agencies
    • EU Institute for Security Studies | Gustav Lindstrom
    • The European Union Satellite Centre | Sorin Ducaru
    • The European Defence Agency | Jiří Šedivý
  • Cooperation and Collaboration
    • Partnerships in Security and Defence | Alison Weston & Frédéric Maduraud
    • Training for Partnerships | Jochen Rehrl
    • Internal-External Security Nexus: CSDP-JHA Cooperation | Crista Huisman
    • The Security and Development Nexus | Clément Boutillier
  • Capability Development
    • Civilian and Military Capability Development | Klaus Schadenbauer
    • Case Study: Covid-19 and its Impact on the Defence Sector | Tania Latici
    • Case Study: Climate Change and its Impact on Security | Luiza-Iulia Pufu
    • Case Study: Digitalisation of Defence | Daniel Fiott
    • Case Study: Disinformation | Vicente Diaz de Villegas Roig
  • Training and Education
    • The CSDP Training Policy | Horst Koukhol
    • The European Security and Defence College | Dirk Dubois
    • Military Erasmus – European Initiative for Young Officers inspired by Erasmus | Harald Gell
    • The Positive Side Effects of Training – The Security Policy Dimension | Jochen Rehrl
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