Czech Presidential Election, January 2018

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Voters chose between nine candidates who qualified for the election either by gathering 50,000 signatures from the public, 10 signatures from Senators or 20 signatures from members of the Chamber of Deputies (MPs).

The incumbent president Miloš Zeman stood for re-election for a second and last term. Other main candidates include former President of the Czech Academy of Sciences Jiří Drahoš, former Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek, entrepreneur Michal Horáček and former ambassador Pavel Fischer.

Mr Zeman came first in the first round with 38.56% of the votes, followed by Mr Drahoš with 26.60%. A run-off therefore called. Following the second round, the incumbent President took 52% of the votes therefore reaching re-election.

Reports and analyses on the Presidential Election held in the Czech Republic on 11-12 January, with a second round on 26-27 January 2018.

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