Danish general election, November 2022

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Information Guide focusing on the early legislative election held in Denmark on 1 November 2022.

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Following the last parliamentary election in 2019, a minority government was formed by the centre-left Social Democrats (A), supported in Parliament by the other political parties of the so-called Red Bloc. The social democratic leader Mette Frederiksen became Prime Minister as a result. In July 2022, the leader of the Social Liberal Party encouraged the Prime Minister to call an election for October following the publication of the final report of a Commission of Inquiry into the killing of minks during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

On 5 October, Ms Frederiksen announced a snap parliamentary election to be held on 1 November. The 179 members of the Danish Parliament (Folketing) are elected in Denmark (175), the Faroe Islands (2) and Greenland (2). The 175 seats include 135 seats elected in ten multi-member constituencies by proportional representation, and 40 leveling seats, allocated to parties in order to address any imbalance in the distribution of the constituency seats. The main threshold for levelling seats is 2%.

Economic uncertainty, as well as security matters - including energy and defence - were among the most salient topics during the electoral campaign. The incumbent expressed the desire to be joined in government by other political forces, and to reach out beyond the traditional Danish bloc politics. This was rejected by some of the supporting parties in the Red Bloc, as well as by the Blue Bloc. However, the centre-right Moderates (M) - founded by former centre-right Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen - welcomed the idea and its position outside of bloc politics gained momentum ahead of the election.

The Social Democrats were confirmed as the largest party at the polls (27,5%) and achieved their best results in over 20 years. The centre-right Venstre (V) was second (13,3%) but it was nonetheless their worst result in more than 30 years. The Moderates were third (9,3%) but failed to position themselves as kingmakers following this election. Despite acquiring a slim parliamentary majority, Ms Frederiksen resigned as leader of the Red Bloc to seek a new government beyond bloc politics.

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