Data protection in the European Union: The role of national data protection authorities (Strengthening the fundamental rights architecture in the EU II)

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Publication Date May 2010
ISBN 978-92-9192-509-4
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The EU plays a pioneering role in the protection of personal data. The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU enshrines the right to data protection as an autonomous fundamental right. Despite the underlying importance and centrality of the right to data protection in the EU, many deficiencies are present in the data protection system. This study on data protection identifies deficiencies in the EU Member States.


The data protection study presents a comparative overview and analysis of the national data protection authorities. This comparative report was developed on the basis of the 27 national studies produced by the FRALEX research network of legal experts. In the section on rights awareness, results from the Eurobarometer and other studies/surveys carried out in the Member States are presented to provide an overview of rights awareness among the public with regard to data protection.

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