Debate with the Prime Minister of the Slovak Republic on the Future of Europe

Publication Date 12/03/2019
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Debate held at the plenary session of the European Parliament on 12 March 2019 with Slovakia's Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini, as part of a series of debates with leaders of EU Member States on the future of Europe.

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Mr Pellegrini argued for the need of an EU-wide debate on the strategy and aspirations for the middle of the century. He added that such a debate should highlight the need for a common path based on a unity of values but also the diversity of national, regional and local cultures. The Prime Minister praised regional political cooperation, such as the one of the Visegrad Group (of which Slovakia is a member).

The Slovak leader supported a set of concrete political proposals and defended the importance of cohesion policy. He also insisted that the EU should first set its policy goals and only then discuss the next EU long-term budget.

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