Development of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project

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Reports and analyses on the development of the so-called 'Nord Stream 2', a gas project which aims to link Russia and Western Europe while bypassing countries in central and eastern Europe.

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Russia's energy company Gazprom confirmed on 18 June 2015 plans to expand the existing Nord Stream gas pipeline beneath the Baltic Sea and into Germany. An agreement was signed in September between the Russian company and five European energy companies to deliver the pipeline project - E.ON, OMV, Shell, Wintershall and ENGIE.

The project drew deep divisions within the European Union (EU). Central and eastern European countries - led by Poland - argued that such endeavour would undermine the EU's strategic energy interests and violate competition rules. Others - spearheaded by Germany and including the nordic countries - vowed to press forward with the project and defended limited intervention by the European Commission, prioritising the economic benefits of the project. The issue was raised at the European Council summit in December 2015 and during a plenary debate at the European Parliament in May 2016. The European Commission

In August 2016, following a Statement of Objections from Poland's competition authority, the companies involved in developing the project withdrew their application to form the joint venture. However, Gazprom later stated it still intended to build the pipeline despite the opposition of Polish regulators. In March 2017, the European Commission proposed to settle the legal status of Nord Stream 2 with an intergovernmental agreement between Russia and the European Union, negotiated by the Commission itself on behalf of the EU Member States. The request for a mandate was officially adopted by the Commission on 9 June and discussed by the Council of the European Union at a meeting on 26 June. In November 2017, the Commission put forward a draft law to amend Directive 2009/73/EC [Gas Directive], aiming to ensure all major gas pipelines entering EU territory comply with EU rules. An agreement on the content of the amendment in February 2019 was seen greatly influencing the future of Nord Stream 2.

In May 2018, Poland's competition authority developed further proceedings aimed at preventing monopoly issues related to construction of gas provision through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

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