Developments in European politics, 2nd ed.

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Publication Date 2011
ISBN 978-0-230-22188-8
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Developments in European Politics brings together specially commissioned chapters by leading authorities to give an up-to-date and systematic analysis of European political developments – in institutions, processes and policy – at both national and regional levels. It provides wide-ranging and clear analysis of the factors influencing European politics, from the Europeanization of national politics to the broader forces of globalization, immigration, climate change and international terrorism.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction: Developments in European politics [The Editors]
2. Globalization and interdependence [Erik Jones]
3. The differential impact of the European Union on European politics [Ulrich Sedelmeier]
4. Government and governance in Europe [Rainer Eising & Thomas Poguntke]
5. Political parties, representation and politics in contemporary Europe [Paul Webb]
6. Elections and electoral systems [Jonathan Hopkin]
7. Political activism [Pippa Norris]
8. Cities, regions and the new territorial politics [Romain Pasquier]
9. Culture versus institutions: social capital, trust and corruption [Paul Heywood & Chris Wood]
10. Varieties of European capitalism and their transformation [Bob Hancké]
11. Welfare states in trouble: policy reform in a period of crisis [Elisabetta Gualmini & Martin Rhodes]
12. Religion-related issues in European politics and law [John Madeley]
13. European immigration policies: between stemming and soliciting still [Christian Joppke]
14. Resource politics: the rapidly shifting European energy policy agenda [Christian Egenhofer & Arno Behrens]
15. The foreign policies of Europe and its states [Richard Whitman & Emma Stewart]
16. 'Old' and 'new' European counter-terrorism [Alexander Spencer]

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