Devolution and Constitution. A constitutional continuum

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The United Kingdom was a unitary state comprising England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, all of which were intrinsically linked culturally and historically in modern times through shared industrial, political and international experiences.

The author discusses whether the UK should: ‘use the repatriation of powers from the EU to establish a new federal state of equals.’

The blog comes from pamphlet Brexit, Devolution and the Changing Union: 2018 by Lord David Owen, Gwynoro Jones, Lord Elystan Morgan and Glyndwr Cennydd Jones, with an afterword by Martin Shipton. The pamphlet explored the need for a UK-wide Constitutional Convention — with involvement of all political parties and elements of British society — to discuss the future of the Union, particularly in the context of Brexit.

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The Welsh Brexit blog aims to inform and encourage constructive debate and analysis on issues relating to Wales and the UK's exit of the European Union.

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