Digital economy & society in the EU. A browse through our online world in figures

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Publication Date June 2017
ISBN 978-92-79-69326-7
EC KS-01-17-543-EN-N
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Browsing, chatting, online shopping are among our everyday activities that use information and communication technologies (ICT), such as computers, laptops or smartphones. Nowadays, we spend a considerable part of our time online for various reasons, whether at work, at school or university, at home or on the move. Likewise, businesses operate within a digital environment: more and more they conduct business electronically with their partners and interact online with customers.

Statistics can help to better understand the challenges our digital society is facing. This is the aim of the new digital publication 'Digital economy & society in the EU'. By presenting easily understandable statistics on several ICT-related topics through texts, graphs, dynamic data visualisations and an animation, this new digital publication aims to provide answers in a user-friendly way to the most common questions asked by EU citizens on the digital economy and society.

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