Directive 2013/30/EU on safety of offshore oil and gas operations

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Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 June 2013 aiming at reducing the occurrence of major accidents related to offshore oil and gas operations and to limit their consequences.

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Oil and gas exploration and production is taking place increasingly offshore, also in complex geographical and geological environments such as deep waters. The scale and characteristics of recent offshore oil and gas accidents and 'near misses' reported worldwide demand action. They expose the disparity between the increasing complexity of operations and the inadequacies in the current risk-management practices.

Amongst individual companies there are reported wide disparities in safety performance and attitudes. Moreover, the incidents have highlighted the challenges that regulators face in ensuring adequate oversight of offshore activities, and a lack of transparency and data sharing regarding the safety performance of the offshore industry.

In Europe, most oil and gas is produced offshore. A major accident at any one of Europe's offshore installations is likely to entail material losses, damage to the environment, the economy, local communities and society, while the lives and health of workers may be put at risk. The likelihood of a major accident in Union waters needs to be reduced.

Therefore, the general objectives of this initiative are to (i) reduce the risks of a major accident in Union waters, and (ii) to limit the consequences should such an accident nonetheless occur.

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