Discussions on climate change and the transition to a climate-neutral European Union

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Reports, analyses and information on the discussions held between Member States at European Council level on addressing climate change and transitioning to a climate-neutral European Union (EU).

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The European Commission adopted in November 2018 a Communication on a climate-neutral economy, which aims at launching a debate for a long-term strategy that is able to confirm the European Union's commitment to lead in global climate action and to present a vision that can lead to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 through a socially-fair transition in a cost-efficient manner.

Facing an increasing level of pressure by public opinion across Europe for climate change to become a key political issue - such as youth action on climate change and the electoral growth of green parties - the European Union and its Member States engaged in discussions to determine a long-term strategy which can ensure a transition towards a carbon-neutral European Union.

On 9 May 2019, a number of Member States published a non-position setting out their position on climate change. On 20 June, the European Council failed to agree on the goal of a climate-neutral EU by 2050 due to the opposition of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Estonia. National leaders agreed that a climate-neutral EU should:

  • take into account specificities of the EU countries;
  • preserve the competitiveness of European industry;
  • use just and socially balanced measures;
  • respect member states' right to decide on own energy mix;
  • build on the measures already in place to achieve 2030 reduction target.

An update on the EU-wide and international discussions relating to these matters was undertaken by the Council of the European Union on 26 June.

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