Doing business with Latvia (2003)

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Publication Date 2003
ISBN 0-7494-3842-8
ISSN 1478-8241
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This book is part of the Global Market Briefing series which provide a country-by-country information resource for international managers, analysts, entrepreneurs and consultants engaged in international business and market development. Latvia is considered to be among the most successful of the transitional economies of the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union. It is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe and has sustained growth rates in recent years at an average 6.8 per cent.

The book is organised over four parts. Part one gives a general background to the Latvian market. A detailed exposition of Latvian business legislation is given in part two which includes such areas as business organisations, company registration procedures, property law, competition and employment law, dispute resolution and intellectual property. Part three explores the fiscal and financial sectors, including such topics as the country's banking system and the financial markets, mortgage lending practices, taxation, auditing and accounting. Part four is given over to the Latvian Development Agency which provides an in-depth view of the Latvian economy and its various sectors. It introduces twelve different spheres of industrial activity. A useful appendix provides some analysis of the level of business risk associated with the Latvian market and includes data which should prove useful to investors considering business in this Baltic country.

The work will be useful to all those seeking to do business with Latvia.

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