Doing business with Russia. A guide to investment opportunities and business practice, 4th ed.

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Publication Date 2005
ISBN 1-905050-01-1
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This book is part of the Global Market Briefing series which provide a country-by-country information resource for international managers, analysts, entrepreneurs and consultants engaged in international business and market development. Russia has experienced six successive years of economic growth and its fast developing market of 144 million people, its high levels of education and literacy combined with its vast mineral wealth offer great opportunities for the international business investor.

The work is organised over five substantive parts plus a comprehensive set of appendices. Part one gives a comprehensive, economic, legislative and political background of the Russian market. Part two concentrates on the Russian financial sector, featuring contributions on banking and insolvency, retail banking, corporate governance, currency regulations and the securities market. Part three provides a sectoral review, covering traditional industries such as oil and gas, electricity, automobiles and pharmaceuticals as well as the newer, more dynamic areas of IT, telecoms, retail and brewing. Parts four and five offer an overview of Russia's tax regime, accounting practices, intellectual property, the new land code and the recent overhaul of labour law, real estate and the new customs code. The appendices contain much useful information about the Russian market and sources of further information.

The work will be useful to all those seeking to do business with Russia.

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