Doing business with Ukraine, 2nd ed.

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Publication Date 2002
ISBN 0-7494-3744-8
ISSN 1478-8241
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British trade with the Ukraine has expanded in exports three-fold and imports six-fold since 1993 and is set to increase further as Ukraine continues to record strong economic growth. This practical book is designed to assist more companies to discover the Ukrainian market.
The work is organised in seven sections. The first section sets the background picture for doing business in the Ukraine and features the recent political climate, the legal arena, the economy, privatisation and foreign trade. Foreign investment and the financial services sector are covered in section two which also comments on the grey economy, apparently not yet black, but nevertheless an aspect of Ukrainian trade that potential exporters or importers should know about. The strongest sectors of the Ukrainian economy, namely power generation, oil and gas, metals, agriculture, wood processing, as well as textiles, telecoms and IT are covered in section three. The legal aspects of doing business in the Ukraine are covered in section four including comments on company formation and the tax system. Other aspects vital to a potential business partner are covered in section five including property, dispute resolution, intellectual property, importing and exporting, and the labour market. Kiev may be the capital and the centre for most business activity of foreign parties but there is more to the Ukraine, and section six encourages the reader to explore business opportunities in the wider regions of the industrial East or the EU-oriented regions of the West and the Black Sea.
This book is intended as a practical business person's guide and as such will interest all those seeking to expand their business links with Ukraine.

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