Donald Trump’s Bad Deal for Europe

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Why a presidential victory for Donald Trump in 2017 might leave Europe having to fend for itself.

Europe needs to imagine the unimaginable: what if Donald Trump becomes President of the United States? More specifically, what would that mean for Europe?

Trump will probably not be president in 2017 and the transatlantic alliance will likely endure the next US president in something like its current form. But the partnership cannot persist along the current lines for too much longer. Europeans would be wise to take more proactive measures to visibly increase the defence burden they bear under the next president, no matter who she is. Otherwise, they won’t be ready when Ivanka Trump runs in 2024.


Following the series of Primaries throughout the spring of 2016 it became likely that Donald Trump would become the Republican Party candidate in the Presidential Election. On the Democratic side Hillary Clinton continued to dominate the Primaries.

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