Duma imposes protest crackdown / Putin approves harsh fines for protesters

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Russia’s parliament passed a law imposing draconian fines on demonstrators on the 5 June 2012, aimed at curtailing anti-Kremlin protests in a political crackdown following the return of Vladimir Putin as President in May 2012.

The Duma, or lower house of parliament, dominated by the pro-Putin United Russia party, passed the law with a final vote of 241-147, despite efforts by opposition deputies to delay the vote using a combination of filibustering and legislative foot dragging. The proposed law must now be voted on by the upper house, or senate, and signed into law by Mr Putin, both of which would be formalities.

Russia upper house (Federation Council) passed the law on the 6 June 2012 and President Putin signed the law on the 8 June 2012.

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