Dutch authorities purchase stake in holding company Air France-KLM

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Reports and analyses on the decision by the Dutch government to buy a 12.7 percent share in the Air France-KLM airline, aiming to achieve parity with the French government in the company.

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The Dutch Finance Minister announced on 26 February 2019 that the decision to purchase a stake in Air France-KLM aimed at exercising more influence on the company and its future, and to safeguard Dutch national interests. The country's authorities bought 12.68 percent of the airline, amid plans to raise the stake to 14.3 percent, in line with the stake held by France's government.

France later stated it would seek further clarification on the decision made by the Netherlands, as there was no information beforehand regarding these plans. Media sources reported this was seen by the French government as a hostile move by the Dutch authorities in order to gather wider control over the Air France-KLM.

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