Dutch parliament ratifies EU-Ukraine Association Agreement

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The Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union had already been ratified by both houses of the Dutch parliament in 2015. However, a collective of groups started gathering signatures to force the government to hold a non-binding referendum on the approved bill.

The poll was held in April 2016, resulting in a rejection of the Association Agreement by Dutch voters. Despite the nature of the referendum, the political establishment vowed to take the outcome into account.

In December, the Prime Minister managed to convince the remaining member states of the European Union to approve a declaration which was seen as addressing the concerns of those who had rejected the treaty in the Netherlands.

The text was attached to the Association Agreement and submitted again for ratification by the Dutch parliament.

The Dutch senate approved on 30 May 2017 the ratification of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, following the endorsement provided by the lower house of parliament in February 2017.

It was the end of the ratification process in the country. This was also the last EU member state to endorse the treaty - already applied provisionally since 2016.

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