Dutch parliamentary election, March 2021

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Information Guide concerning the legislation election held in the Netherlands on 15-17 March 2021.

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The 150 members of the House of Representatives are elected by open list proportional representation. The number of seats per list is determined using the D'Hondt method, effectively resulting in an electoral threshold of 0.67% of votes to secure a seat. Voters have the option to cast a preferential vote. This election was originally scheduled for 17 March. Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the government decided to open some polling stations two days in advance to ensure safe voting to some groups of the population. Citizens aged 70 years or older were given the chance to vote by post. A record number of parties registered with the Electoral Council in order to compete in the election, although most did not achieve full ballot access.

The electoral campaign took place amidst the sanitary crisis and during a national lockdown. The restrictions led to protests across the country. The government led by Mark Rutte - third cabinet of the centre-right VVD leader - resigned on 15 January 2021 following a parliamentary inquiry into a national childcare benefits scandal. Commentators noted that the resignation was mostly symbolic given the already scheduled election.

The election resulted in yet another victory for Mr Rutte's VVD (21,9%). The outcome confirmed a very fragmented political landscape with 17 political parties eventually gaining representation in the House of Representatives. The biggest gains went for the centrist D-66, which came second in the election (15%). The far-right PVV was third (10,8%). Analysts expected a long process of negotiations and government formation, but also highlighted Mr Rutte's experience in forming majorities for what could be his fourth cabinet.

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