Dutch Provincial Elections, 20 March 2019

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Reports, analyses and information on the provincial elections held in the Netherlands in March 2019.

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The provincial elections were held in the Netherlands on 20 March 2019, two month before the Dutch Senate election which will take place on 27 May 2019. The provincial elections are held every four years in the twelve provinces of the Netherlands. Eligible voters elect the members of the Provincial Councils (in 2019 the Provincial Councils consisted of 570 members). The members of the provincial councils elect the 75 members of the Senate. Votes cast to elect the members of the Senate do not all have the same value. The vote value of provincial council members depends on the number of inhabitants of the province represented.

The governing centre-right coalition lost its majority while the right-wing party Forum voor Democracy became the biggest party and will take 13 seats in the senate in May.


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Government Netherlands: Provincial councils https://www.government.nl/topics/provinces/provincial-councils
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