Dutch Socialists poised for polls victory

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The Socialist Party (SP) in the Netherlands can taste victory and a newfound respect in the weeks before a general election on the 12 September 2012. The most leftwing of the mainstream parties, a group descended from 1970s Maoists, was poised to become the largest in parliament at the elections.

A win by the SP and its leader Emile Roemer could mean a reversal for a country that has been one of the strongest advocates of austerity policies throughout the eurozone crisis. If the party takes the Netherlands out of the German-led camp of countries pressing for stricter EU budgetary supervision in exchange for eurozone rescue measures, it could shift the balance of power in Europe as a whole.

Nevertheless, even if the SP became the largest party in the Dutch parliament it was not clear if they could form a coalition government.

Later reports in early September discuss the resurgence of the Labour Party (PvdA) following a strong performance in two televised debates.

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