EC antitrust procedure. 5th ed.

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Publication Date 2004
ISBN 0-421-88520-3
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EC Antitrust Procedure explains how the European Commission investigates infringements of EC competition law, the procedural rights of the parties concerned, the method for setting fines, judicial review against Commission decisions and the relationship between the enforcement of EC competition law by the Commission and national courts and competition authorities.

As of 1st May 2004 a far-reaching reform of procedural rules will enter into force - among the ramifications of this, businesses will have to take their own view on whether their agreements comply with EC competition law and the European Commission will concentrate on investigating suspected infringements. Furthermore, decisions as to whether agreements comply with EC competition law will also now be taken by national competition authorities and courts.

Since the first edition published in 1981, successive editions of EC Antitrust Procedure have established the title as a recognised reference work in this field. The new 5th edition updates the work to include discussion of the impact of the new procedural rules, along with new case law and legislation.

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