EC Competition Law Handbook 2001-2002

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Publication Date 2002
ISBN 0-421-76440-6
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This guide is the commonly recognised reference point for practitioner or academic analysis of European Commission competition law issues. It includes the latest developments in European Commission competition law and has details of European competition law cases including decisions handed down and fines awarded. The handbook includes comprehensive reference tables, indexes and lists to aid the presentation of legislation, cases and decisions and to make them easily identifiable. It also includes relevant European Commission legislation in full, including interpretative notices.

The handbook has two parts. The first concentrates on General Competition Rules. This includes parts on: Conditions for the application of both Articles 85 and 86; horizontal agreements; vertical agreements; industrial and intellectual property agreements; joint ventures; sectoral application of EC competition rules; and relations with other areas of the law. The second part concentrates on mergers and acquisitions with sections on: legislation; jurisdiction - cases and references; substantive issues - cases and references; and procedural aspects.

The book is aimed at practitioners or academics. Christopher Jones is head of the section in the European Commission dealing with the liberalisation of the European gas and electricity industry. Prior to this he was assistant to the Commission's Director General for Competition. Marc van der Woude is a specialist in Competition Law and a Professor at Erasmus University, Rotterdam

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