EC Competition Law Handbook 2008/2009 edition

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Publication Date 2008
ISBN 978-1-847-03753-4
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The 2008/2009 edition of EC Competition Law Handbook presents a complete breakdown of all EC competition law developments in the last year as well as a selection of the most important national cases.

This handbook is recognised as the standard reference point for any analysis of EC competition law issues and serves as a comprehensive search tool for all legislation, cases and decisions in EC Competition Law. It provides coverage of general competition rules, and how they operate for mergers and acquisitions, coal and steel and explains the conditions for the Application of both Articles 81 and 82.

It contains a comprehensive list of Commission decisions and competition cases before the Community and National Courts which is cross-referenced by subject matter, includes the most important national competition cases from the 27 States, and provides a digest of every EC Competition case, regulation, notice, judgement and decision.

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