eCommerce: A practical guide to the law

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 0-566-08276-4
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Electronic commerce is revolutionising the way many carry out business. It has grown from anarchic conditions to being the principal means of communication between many businesses in the UK, their suppliers, customers, internally with colleagues, and externally with advisers. The 'new' uses require the application of laws to ensure a coherent framework for businesses. The growth in sales of goods and services over the Internet has meant that even more importance must be placed on the application of contract and related areas of law to e-commerce.

This book principally describes the law, rather than the technology in this area. Part of the aim of the book is to advise businesses on how to minimise risk and maximise opportunities through e-commerce from a legal perspective. This book is for both those who sell goods and services over the Internet, and those who simply use e-mail, whether internally or externally. It provides guidance on what should appear on websites and what are sensible rules on Internet use with employees. The author, Susan Singleton, is a practising Internet lawyer who every week advises clients in the real world on these matters.

This book is an essential tool for both businesses and lawyers involved in electronic commerce. It includes case examples, checklists and practical advice on the principal pitfalls relating to the Internet and email and how to exploit the new technologies to advantage.

The book is current to 1 February 2001 and includes details of the Electronic Communications Act 2000, the EU Electronic Commerce Directive and distance selling as well as other, more established, relevant statutes.

The chapters include: Employment: email and the Internet; Trade Marks, copyright and databases: Intellectual property; Jurisdiction and advertising on the web; Contracting on the Internet; Problems.

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