Effective implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy.The case of the milk quota regime and the Greek experience in applying it

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Publication Date 2001
ISBN 90-6779-159-8
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The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) induces a considerable degree of convergence of the political-administrative systems of the Member States. In this respect, the 'common organisation of market for milk and milk products' that has been established since the introduction of the CAP attracts special attention. On the one hand, within the EU, the applied regime of 'milk quotas' has become and still is of central importance to all the 15 Member States, generating long and persistent debates concerning its complexities and its future orientation. On the other hand, and in view of the eastward enlargement, milk production also represents also one of the most significant sectors in the agricultural domain of all the candidate countries. The milk regime, therefore, being one of the greatest challenges for both sides in the current and future market conditions is expected to dominate the technical issues of the final stage of accession negotiations.

The book aims to provide a detailed analysis of the development and the present status of the regime by identifying those aspects that are relevant to the capacity building process of the sector. For this purpose, the experience of Greece in building up the necessary administrative capacities to meet the requirements and fulfil the obligations of managing the system is thoroughly presented. This analysis of the experience of an existing Member State demonstrates to the candidate countries the broad challenges and the specific tasks they have to undertake to achieve effective implementation of the CAP rules and successfully conclude negotiations for their integration into the Union.

The book should be of help to all those interested in the question of how to manage European integration.

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