Election of the European Union’s Ombudsman

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Feature bringing together information and reports on the election for the European Union's Ombudsman for a five-year mandate.

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At the beginning of each parliamentary term, the procedure for electing the European Ombudsman has to be set in motion. A call for candidates was therefore published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 30 August 2019. Each nominee required the backing of at least 40 members of the European Parliament, from at least two EU member states. The closing date to submit an application was 30 September. Candidates were scheduled to present their priorities in a hearing held by the Petitions Committee on 3 December. The full house was expected to elect the new Ombudsman by secret ballot during the December plenary session.

The names of the five EU Ombudsman candidates for the five-year term starting in 2019 are:

  • Giuseppe Fortunato
  • Julia Laffranque
  • Nils Muižnieks
  • Emily O’Reilly
  • Cecilia Wikström

The European Ombudsman conducts inquiries into cases of maladministration by EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies, acting on his or her own initiative or on the basis of complaints from EU citizens. Every year, the Ombudsman submits a report to Parliament on the outcome of their enquiries. Emily O'Reilly has been the EU Ombudsman since 2013.

The first round of voting was held on 17 December. Ms O'Reilly was the most voted candidate but did not secure an absolute majority. A second round took place following Mr Muižnieks’ withdrawal. On 18 December, a third round featuring Ms Laffranque and Ms O'Reilly only was held. The Irish candidate received 320 votes and was reelected as the European Ombudsman.

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