Employment in Europe – 1989

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Publication Date 1989
ISBN 92-825-9769-5
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This 1989 Employment in Europe Report is the first of a series which will be produced annually. It is aimed at a broad readership in the Member States covering business, trade unions and interest groups as well as governments.

Employment and its shadow, unemployment plays a central role in the lives of the Community's population. This report takes a broad view, covering many aspects of employment. It aims to provide a sound basis for discussion about the future development of employment in the Community. Community employment needs to be analysed as a whole. The interrelationships between Member States are becoming more important almost daily. This Report focuses on the effects of this growing interdependency, including the impact on employment of the completion of the Internal Market by 1992. It also considers the effects on employment of the inter-relationship between the Community and the rapidly changing wider world economy.

Table of Contents:

  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Part 1 | Economic and Employments Prospects
    • Ch 1 | Employment in the European Community Sectoral Changes in Employment
    • Ch 2 | Short-Term Outlook
  • Part 2 | Structural Employment Issues
    • Ch 3 | Community Employment and the World Economy
    • Ch 4 | The Employment Content of Growth
    • Ch 5 | Sectoral Employment Impact of 1992
    • Ch 6 | Job Quality - For Better or Worse? SME and the Self-Employed
    • Ch 7 | Women's Employment
    • Ch 8 | The Demographic Time Bomb
    • Ch 9 | Vocational Training and Employment
    • Ch 10 | Unemployment - A Social as well as a Labour Market Problem
    • Ch 11 | Black Economy
    • Ch 12 | Technological Change - A Strategic Challenge for Employment
    • Ch 13 | New Partnerships in Employment Creation - Local Development
    • Ch 14 | Mobility and the European Labour Market
  • Part 3 | Community and National Policies
    • Ch 15 | National Labour Market Policies
    • Ch 16 | Community Policies
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