Employment in Europe – 1991

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The latter part of the 1980s was a time of optimism in Europe. After several years of slow growth, inadequate job creation and high unemployment, economic recovery in the Community seemed well established, employment was increasing at an historically high rate and unemployment was falling. The Single Market programme for removing barriers to internal trade and widening the scope of competition between European producers had been embraced enthusiastically, accelerating the trend towards the organisation of production and distribution on a European-wide basis. Outside the Community, political reform in Central and Eastern European countries was opening up the prospect of considerable trade growth and closer commercial relations.

The first year and a half of the 1990s, although it may not have destroyed this optimism, has demonstrated that the Community still faces serious difficulties in sustaining economic growth and generating sufficient employment to meet demands. It has also been highlighted the fact that the Community, because of its openness and its importance in the global trading and financial system, remains vulnerable to events in the rest of the World, particularly those which take place in the neighbouring regions.

Since the beginning of 1990, economic growth in many Member States of the Community has slowed appreciably. From the third quarter of the year, as a delayed reaction to this, the lengthy period of rapid job creation has come to a halt. For most Member States, the forecast is for some economic recovery starting in the second half of 1991 but at modest rates, for little or no growth of employment and for rising unemployment.

Table of Contents:

  • Summary and Conclusions
  • Part 1 | Employment Prospects
    • Ch 1 | Employment in the Community
    • Ch 2 | Short-Term Outlook
    • Ch 3 | The Complex Problem of Persistent Unemployment
  • Part 2 | Employment Issues
    • Ch 4 | European Integration and Regional Labour Markets
    • Ch 5 | Employment in Agriculture: Decline and Diversification
    • Ch 6 | Employment in Industry: a Decade of Change
  • Part 3 | Employment Policies
    • Ch 7 | Skills Shortages: a Growing Problem in the Community?
  • Community Action to Promote the Employment of Women

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This Report was published by the European Commission as COM (91) 248.

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