Employment in Europe – 1992

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Publication Date 1992
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Policy at Community level in the recent past has focused on strengthening the conditions for growth - setting up the internal market and achieving monetary union. It is now important to focus increasingly on the problem of unemployment and its social repercussions as they affect different parts of the Community, and to encourage wide-ranging and open discussion of the policy options for addressing this problem.

This report can contribute to this discussion by presenting quantitative information on policy issues of central importance, particularly the main features of unemployment in the Community; the differences between Member States and regions in the scale of the problem and in those most affetced; and the changes which have occurred in recent years. This report also examines trends in working population and labour supply; the relative position of men and women in the labour market; and the development of the service sector, which will continue to be the main source of new jobs in different parts of the Community. All these themes have an important bearing on the issue of unemployment and the problem of providing sufficient employment opportunities in the future years for all those who want to work.

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • Summary
  • Part 1 | Employment prospects
    • Ch 1 | Employment in the Community: Trends and Prospects
    • Ch 2 | Short-term Economic and Employment Outlook
    • Ch 3 | The Community Labour Force: Recent Growth and Future Prospects
  • Part 2 | Employment Issues
    • Ch 4 | Employment in Services: More Growth to Come
    • Ch 5 | Employment Developments in Central and Eastern Europe
    • Ch 6 | Men and Women in the Community Labour Market
  • Part 3 | Employment Policies
    • Ch 7 | Help for the Unemployed: National Unemployment Compensation Schemes
    • Ch 8 | Actions to Combat Long-Term Unemployment: Evaluating the Alternatives

Further information:

This Report was published by the European Commission as COM (92) 354.

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