Employment in Europe – 1994

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Publication Date 1994
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The strategy outlined in the Commission White Paper 'Growth, Competitiveness, Employment' and the analysis underlying it were endorsed by Member State governments at the European Council meeting in Brussels in December 1993 and were confirmed at the meeting in Corfu in June 1994. In addition, the Council identified seven key areas for particular attention by the Member States. These key areas for action define the themes of this Report.

This Report contributes to the task of providing information and analysis about developments in key areas across the Community on a consistent basis. Like its predecessors, it is deliberately quantitative in its approach, its major aim being to provide a stronger basis for policy-making, partly by reducing the scope for disagreements and disputes about matters of fact on problems to be overcome.

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword
  • Summary
  • Part 1 | Employment developments
    • Ch 1 | Employment trends and prospects in the Community
    • Ch 2 | Labour force growth and participation
    • Ch 3 | Economic growth and employment
  • Part 2 | Follow-up to White Paper on growth, competitiveness, employment: background analysis of key areas for labour market action
    • Ch 4 | Mobility, labour turnover and labour market flexibility
    • Ch 5 | Changes in working time
    • Ch 6 | Labour costs, social contributions and taxes
    • Ch 7 | Unemployment and labour market policy
    • Ch 8 | Where has job growth and decline occurred?
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