Energy Law in Europe. National, EU and International Regulation. 2nd ed.

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Publication Date 2008
ISBN 978-0-19-921719-
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The energy sector in Europe has changed rapidly over the last few years under the influence of trends towards globalization, liberalization, competition, de-monopolization, and strengthening of regulation in the field. The new edition of this book builds on the success of the first in providing an updated overview of these important developments at both international and European levels, covering the most important principles of international law of relevance to the energy sector. A chapter dedicated to comparison of legal developments across Europe addresses the increasingly important question of whether we are heading towards an international energy market. New chapters on European Union External Energy Relations and Standard Agreements in European Energy Trade highlight growing cooperation in the energy field with major producers such as Russia, and the standards for trading energy in an integrated geographical market, including analysis of the product markets, as well as the relevant legal instruments and master agreements.

The book also focuses on the implementation of the significant Energy Directives, and the constitutional and regulatory framework in the key energy-producing jurisdictions in the EU: Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. The national coverage emphasises trans-border collaboration by examining bilateral and multilateral cooperation within the context of the European Union. There is also updated analysis of developments in these countries in every energy sector, including oil, gas, nuclear energy, and in response to the Kyoto protocol, to renewables and emissions, with the extent of coverage determined by the resource base of each country.

Readership: Practitioners and academics specializing in the energy sector (oil companies, utilities, government, law firms) in Europe and worldwide; international organisations; energy law students; reference libraries in the UK and worldwide.

1. Introduction , Catherine Redgwell, Martha M. Roggenkamp, Anita Rønne, and Iñigo del Guayo
2. International Energy Law , Catherine Redgwell
3. EU External Energy Relations , Andrei Belyi
4. The Energy Charter Treaty , Craig Bamberger and Thomas Waelde
5. EU Energy Law , Eugene D. Cross, Bram Delvaux, Leigh Hancher, Piet Jan Slot, Geert van Calster and Wim Vandenberghe
6. Standard Agreements in European Energy Trade , Hans-Martin Koopman and Rene Vanhaesendonck
7. Energy Law in Denmark , Anita Rønne
8. Energy Law in France , Thierry Lauriol
9. Energy Law in Germany , Johann-Christian Pielow, Hans-Martin Koopman and Eckhart Ehlers
10. Energy Law in Italy , Marcello Clarich, Matteo Falcione, Giovanni G. Gentile, Michele Passaro and Francesco Vetro
11. Energy Law in the Netherlands , Martha M. Roggenkamp
12. Energy Law in Norway , Finn Arnesen, Ulf Hammer, Per Håkon Høisveen, Knut Kaasen, and Dagfinn Nygaard
13. Energy Law in Poland , Dariusz Mioduski
14. Energy Law in Spain , Iñigo del Guayo
15. Energy Law in the United Kingdom , Stephen Dow
16. Energy Law in Europe: Conclusions , Catherine Redgwell, Martha M. Roggenkamp, Anita Rønne, and Iñigo del Guayo

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