Energy security debate: Tusk warns Merkel against Russian gas addiction

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Poland's prime minister Donald Tusk said on the 10 March 2014 he would ask German Chancellor Angela Merkel to work to reduce European dependence on Russian gas to avert "potential aggressive steps by Russia in the future".

Markus Beyrer, the secretary general of BusinessEurope, also called on EU leaders to put an end to its dependence on Russian gas imports by being “less emotional” about shale gas exploration.

The head of a Spanish gas association, Sedigas, said on the 27 March 2014 that Spain's sophisticated gas infrastructure could help Europe reduce its dependence on Russian supplies once projects to pump gas across the Pyrenees become a reality.

On the same day, Hungary and Slovakia linked their natural gas pipeline networks as part of European Union efforts to strengthen supply security in a region of the bloc that relies heavily on imports from Russia.

EurActiv reported on the 2 April 2014 on Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk stating that the EU should pay up to 75% of the pricetag for the gas infrastructure needed to be able to create an efficient network, including pipelines and interconnectors between member states.

Iran's industry and trade minister told German reporters on the 14 April 2014 his country should be considered as a reliable partner for natural gas supplies to Europe, once sanctions were lifted.

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