Entrepreneurship and enterprise development in Romania

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Publication Date 2002
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This review represents an analysis of Romania's progress in designing and implementing policies for the development of the small enterprise sector and a set of recommendations for developing the sector. The overall policy assessment is that Romania is moving in the right direction in the key policy areas affecting SMEs. What is now required is a period of stability and fine-tuning in order to focus on policy implementation and make the existing system work more effectively.

The enterprise policy review process has generated a number of priority recommendations that can promote SME development in an effective manner. The recommendations selected can be implemented by the Government and related SME institutions without major budgetary implications or reforms. As a package, they offer the prospect of making further progress in unlocking the potential of small enterprise development as the driving force for economic growth in Romania.

There are four main sets of priorities for reform: Consolidation and Co-ordination of the Institutional Framework for SME Policy-making; Improvement of the Regulatory Environment; Improvement of Tax Policy for Small Businesses; Strengthening the Financial Structure.

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