Environmental contracts: Comparative approaches to regulatory innovation in the United States and Europe

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Publication Date 2001
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An important theme that has arisen from the debate over regulatory reform of environmental law is the opportunity for gain in the effectiveness and efficiency of environmental programs through the use of contracts. This book provides an introduction to the theory behind environmental contracts and reviews the progress that has been made so far. The book examines how certain kinds of environmental problems may best be served through contracts amongst the interested parties, but also examines the limitations that contracting has within this sphere.

The book consists of four sections written by a range of academic contributors. The first of these concentrates on the Unites States with a discussion of a number of key issues including: bargaining, politics and law in environmental Regulation; environmental contracts in the US; and Project XL. The second part concentrates on Europe including chapters on: Environmental Contracts: A Flemish Law and Economics Perspective; and The Use of Voluntary Agreements in the European Community's Environmental Policy. The third part has sections on the Law and Economics of Environmental Contracts and Regulation whilst the fourth part has two case studies examining the use of contracts within the electricity industry.

The book is aimed at anyone with an interest in environmental protection including academics, environmental group officials or regulators.

Eric Orts is Director of the Environmental Management Program and Professor of Legal Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Kurt Deketelaere is Professor of Environmental Law at the Faculty of Law of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and Director of its Institute for Environmental and Energy Law.

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